Here Mudassar Ahmed Khan has explained how to solve ASP.Net URL Routing Problem with external StyleSheets (CSS) and JavaScript (JS) files. The problem happens when different levels of virtual paths are created in URL Routing and thus the external StyleSheets (CSS) and JavaScript (JS) files become inaccessible.
ResoveUrl is built to work with WebForms you should'nt use it in Mvc! It uses properties such as the path of an user control it was invoked by to decide what URL to general this behaviour is different from URL.Content.
1 post published by Anders G. Nordby during January 2013. My current customer has asked for a way to know what version we have deployed in the various environments (test, staging, production), and we agreed that displaying the assembly version of our main project DLL is a good way of achieving this. mvcの列挙型からドロップダウンリストをどのように作成しますか。 ASP.NETでユーザーのクライアントIPアドレスを取得する方法 MVC 3で現在のページのURLを取得する方法